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If you love killing zombies then this is the forum for you! Once we have 12 characters made we will have our first ever Zombie Tournament! So sign up! Make character's and don't forget to practice Role playing in the Campaigns!!!
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 The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:.

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The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:. Left_bar_bleue150/150The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:. Empty_bar_bleue  (150/150)

The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:. Empty
PostSubject: The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:.   The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:. EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 6:45 pm

The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:. Newcreate.php?text=The%20Boathouse&name=TOY_S___

The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:. 250?cb=20081129082804

When the Survivors exit the saferoom, they are lead to a small neighborhood, where they can go through a small, lit house. They can get through to the backyard, where a section of fencing has been knocked down. A small hill leads to an open lot. Farther down is a sign that was for a camping ground with a path next to it. Once up the path, the Survivors can follow a dirt road, leading to a pavilion. To the left of the pavilion is a boathouse, where a radio is. A voice on the radio introduces himself as John Slater, who owns a fishing boat that he can use to rescue the Survivors. Once the Survivors radio in for their rescue, the hordes of Infected are alerted. Once the boat arrives, the Survivors must rush over to the fishing dock to get to their rescue vehicle, all while avoiding Tanks and Special Infected who are striving to cross their paths.

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The Boathouse (Finale) .:OVERVIEW:.
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