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 kellie's characters .:where i create them:.

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Queen of the Ellis'
Queen of the Ellis'

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PostSubject: kellie's characters .:where i create them:.   Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:22 pm

welcome to my character topic

...have fun while it lasts...
••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••

cat gifs for your amusement:


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Queen of the Ellis'
Queen of the Ellis'

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PostSubject: Re: kellie's characters .:where i create them:.   Sat Aug 15, 2015 2:26 pm

ashley farstall
Name: "Hey, I'm Ashley, but you can call me Ash."
Ashley Lynn Farstall

Age: "I'm twenty-two years of age."

BirthDate: "I always celebrated my birthday on November twentyth."
November 20th

Gender: "As far as I know, I'm a girl."

Type: "When I caught the Flu and I didn't get sick, I guessed that I was immune."

Physical Appearance: "People I knew used to say I get my looks from my mom."
Ash has light blonde hair that is cut just longer than her shoulders. She has green eyes that show most of her emotions when she lets them. She has a small nose, and very pale freckles that can be seen close up. Ash has a smile that can brighten anyone's day up, at least for a while, and she smiles a lot. She has light-toned skin, and she's at a normal height, 5'6", and she weighs 124 lbs, though she is a bit on the slim side.

Style: "I guess you can say I'm a tomboy..."
Ash has a tomboy type of style to her. She usually wears jeans, short boots, and long sleeve shirts.

Strengths: "Running is in my blood, I guess you could say."
•   great runner
•   logical thinker; sometimes out-of-the-box
•   quiet, stealthy

Weaknesses: "I tend to overthink things... Alot."
•   paranoid easily
•   hasn't worked with guns much before apocalypse

Weapon of Choice: "I don't know much about weapons, so anything could do, I guess."
Ash hasn't had much training with weapons or anything of that matter, since she lived in the suburbs, so she doesn't have much training working with firearms or melee weapons.

Reaction to Apocalypse: "All of these zombie shows and video games, well, pretty much gave us all a warning for it happening eventually."
Ash was pretty surprised that the Flu would actually occur in her lifetime, and how the government probably did next to nothing to control it, or protect civilians. Though, she spent most of her time playing zombie shooter games and whatnot, so she would get a virtual feel of it. Little did she know that it would ever become a reality, though.

Personality: "My personality? Why would you need to know that?"
Ash, overall, is rather stubborn and sarcastic. She likes to do things on her own at times, and she thinks that she can take care of herself. She doesn't talk much, but when she does, it's usually a wisecrack or some type of stupid joke and whatnot. She's not the social type, so to say, so she doesn't make friends very easily. Ash doesn't like it when other people or herself draw attention to her, so she usually just stays in the background. Although while it might not seem like it, she gets very overprotective and sometimes jealous when it comes to people she cares about. Ash likes to laugh and smile, and she also likes people that can make her do so.

Family: Mother: "My mom was a vent for me. I could tell her anything and I knew it would spread no where."
Clare Farstall was a very responsible parent to Ash, and she loved her dearly, since she was her only child. Ash could vent to her and say whatever she wanted when she was younger, and Clare would promise to never tell anyone anything Ash wanted private, and she kept that promise for her daughter.

Father: "I miss my dad. I wish he was here with me."
Brian Farstall was like a brother to his daughter. He knew how to get a smile on his daughter's face when she was feeling down and make her feel much better. He teased her at times and she'd simply dismiss him with a roll of her eyes, which made him laugh also. He was there for Ash when she needed him and that made her feel comfortable at home.

Siblings "I'm an only child."
Ash hadn't grown up with siblings, and that made her a bit more happy growing up, because she didn't have to worry about her parents picking one of them over her. Ash thought of being an only child as an advantage because if she had siblings, then they would be a few more people she'd have to worry about and care for.

Pets: "I had a dog growing up named Chief, but he passed before I got to high school."
Ash had a golden retriever named Chief when she was younger, and he was like Ash's best friend, since she wasn't very social.

Backstory: "I guess my childhood and teenage years were alright. Just a little... Lonely."
Ash was like a poster child for most of her school years. She had straight A's in all of her classes, she participated in a few sports and clubs, but the only thing she was missing was friendship. She was a very quiet person; she barely spoke to anyone unless it was completely necessary. She did make a few friends here and there, but they got separated from each other from scheduling classes and whatnot. While she did enjoy the peacefulness of no one crowding her, it did get a little lonely on weekends and when she got home from school. So, she turned to the internet for help and she met new friends. She enjoyed playing co-operative games with her online friends, and that's pretty much how she survived the rest of her school years, outside of school.

Faceclaim: "People I knew told me I resembled some actress. Never heard of her, but oh well."
•   Jennifer Lawrence

first character woo~

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Super Epic Admin

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PostSubject: Re: kellie's characters .:where i create them:.   Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:05 pm

Of Course (I really just like that i'm able to say this xD) Accepted!~

Just wanted to say that her backstory is intertwined with you in real life and i find that pretty cool xD.

Annabel Hill~Kelly Knight~Zach McDermitt~Nick Jay 
I love you
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PostSubject: Re: kellie's characters .:where i create them:.   

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kellie's characters .:where i create them:.
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