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If you love killing zombies then this is the forum for you! Once we have 12 characters made we will have our first ever Zombie Tournament! So sign up! Make character's and don't forget to practice Role playing in the Campaigns!!!
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PostSubject: POINTS SHOP!!!   Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:25 pm

Hey Guys! This is where you can spend the points that you have earned!!! 
Below are some options of items that you are able to buy.

Points Shop

Character slot - 1,750 Pts.
- Sad that that you only have 8 active characters active? Well now you can have more! When you purchase this you will be able to have one more active character! (Please not when you are posting to say that your making that character active that you note that you have purchased this pass. NOTE: You may only purchase 2 of these per person.)

Banners - 3,000 Pts. 
- Want a cool banner that shows your survivors? Or maybe one that represents you and your personality? Well now you can for only 3,000 Pts you can have your own personal banner!

Rank - 350 Pts.
- Ever see anyone with a cool rank? Want one of your own? Well now you can! For only 250 points you can have your own personalized rank!

Mystery Box - 500 Pts. 
- Not sure exactly what to get? Well with this we will give you something! The item we give you could be good or bad! That's the fun part right..? 

Extra Health Capacity- 10+ Pts.
- Don't have enough health? Here you can buy extra health points to add to your health capacity for your character! You can buy as many more Health Points to add to your capacity, and the price is times 10. (If you buy 10 Health Points, the price is then 100 Pts. 20 Health Points is 200 Pts. 30 is 300 Pts., so on, and so forth.)

 Pre-Made and approved Character- 4,201 Pts.
- Can never get your characters approved? Well now you can get one already approved and made! Just fill out the form below and in the specifications section give me details about what you might want you character to look like, personality, ect. 

 Want a Challenge?- 300 Pts.
- Are  you tired of regular roleplay and can't wait to start fighting? Well here is your chance you may challenge an admin or moderator to a duel. You each will have a character and you will fight to the death! Which ever person wins gets 100 Pts!

 Respawn -  5,000 Pts.
- Did one of your favorite characters die? Well here is your chance to save them! You may have one of your characters brought back to life! (NOTE: You may NOT buy this during the games!)

If you would like to purchase any of the items listed above please fill out this form provided!

Item You are purchasing:
Current point balance:
How many points is the item you want:

Thank you for shopping!

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