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If you love killing zombies then this is the forum for you! Once we have 12 characters made we will have our first ever Zombie Tournament! So sign up! Make character's and don't forget to practice Role playing in the Campaigns!!!
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 The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:.

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The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:. Left_bar_bleue150/150The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:. Empty_bar_bleue  (150/150)

The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:. Empty
PostSubject: The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:.   The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:. EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 10:02 pm

The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:. Newcreate.php?text=The%20Tunnel&name=TOY_S___

The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:. 250?cb=20081129083808

Once outside of the saferoom, the Survivors have a set of stairs to their right, which when followed leads to a hallway with several rooms, with one leading to a, much larger, railroad repair workshop. The Survivors must go to the far left corner of the room (facing it from the hole in the room) to go into a room that contains an emergency exit door. Once opened, an alarm will sound and they must turn left to get to the other side of the warehouse while fighting a horde. There is a set of stairs leading to the upper level of the warehouse that leads to a broken window. Outside of the window are a set of train tracks, where abandoned train cars are. Past the train cars is a huge tunnel, where farther down inside a broken-wall hallway, is a saferoom.

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The Tunnel .:OVERVIEW:.
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